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Les Beaux Orages

Initiation to vocal improvisation through soundpainting

Led by visual artist Claire Sauvaget

This course offers children the opportunity to explore soundpainting, in preparation for an improvised singing concert inspired by extracts of soft contemporary music. Soundpainting allows singing and composing in real time, through a series of gestures leading to vocal improvisation. We will start with simple improvisation techniques and then move on to more complex and freer forms, in a playful and relaxed way, paying attention to the place of each person within the group, listening and the pleasure of being together.

Supported by Odyssud and Ville de Blagnac.

Calendar :
- 2021 : École maternelle Aérogare à Blagnac
- 2020 : École Ferdinand Lessep in Toulouse-France - Ecole Weidknnett in Blagnac-France
- 2019 : Écoles Fourtanier et Cuvier in Toulouse-France
- 2018 : École Sylvain Dauriac in Toulouse-France




Project led by composer Jacky Mérit

The invention of recording has considerably renewed the uses and imaginations of sound. Omnipresent in our daily lives, through an infinite variety of technologies and listening devices, sound has become a driving force in the organization and orientation of both intimate and collective behaviours. These same conditions have given rise to the need to make audible what is silent, what we do not pay attention to or no longer pay attention to.

Introduction to Field Recording
Field recording is at the crossroads of anthropology and music. The aim is for students to learn how to build a personal project (installation, sound and musical path) based on the semantic and musical listening of our environments..

Sound recording experience
Sound recording is usually considered to be a neutral act objectively reflecting what is being recorded. We tend to forget that what the microphone picks up does not represent our listening, what is rendered in the recording offers much more data than what the ear listens to in situ. In listening to the recorded space, there is a loss of that beautiful freedom of listening, that which is proper to direct listening to the world and which allows each person to choose from the surrounding scene what he or she wishes to hear. Our perception is discontinuous, produced by instant pick-ups and drop-offs, supported by our freedom to wander, to take, to choose at any moment what we want to hear.

These workshops aim to bring each participant to develop the project by exploring the possibilities of this other musicalization up to his or her invented sound writing.

Calendar :
- 2020-21 : Lycée Stéphane Hessel à Toulouse-France
- 2020-21 : Lycée Professionnel et Technologique Privé Myriam in Toulouse-France
- 2018 : Classes de primaire in La Garenne de Gramat-France
- 2015/16/17/18/19 : Écoles élémentaires et Classes de primaire, Le Vigan, Cajarsc, Martel, Planioles, La Garenne de Gramat-France

Supported by SACEM La Fabrique à Musique Contemporaine and ADDA du Lot.