Learning & Participation


L’œil écoute

A series of workshops to create a Radio Drama

A project lead by associate composers of studio éole
Targeting a variety of audiences, from school children to prevented publics.

This series of workshops offers to a variety of audiences to create a Radio Drama, a movie without pictures, during at least 10 sessions of 1h30, from the conception of a synopsis to the mix finalizing through creation of sound materials.

Project which have been realized in 2017:

  • In partnership with Adda from the Lot, during two weeks (5x2h for each class) : from the 16th to 20th of January and from 13th to 17th of March, with fifth grade pupils (EPU of the Vigan), and a class of the middle school (Georges Pompidou College of Cajarc)

  • In the frame of a project supported by French Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Justice, during 10 sessions (1h30 each) : from the 17th of May to the 27th of September, with 12 inmates of Muret Detention Centre.

Les beaux orages, discovering sound painting

Five workshops to initiate young people to contemporary artistic creation

A project lead by the plastic artists Mathilde Lalle and Claire Sauvaget
Targeting a kindergarten class
In the frame of Passeport pour l'art – in partnership with the City of Toulouse

These workshops offer to the pupils to explore a musical practice : sound painting, allowing musical composition in real time through vocal and/or instrumental improvisation techniques, on the basis of Pierre Jodlowski’s Les Beaux Orages.


Creation of a choregraphic show

A project lead by the composer Marin Bonazzi and the videast Aristide Saint-Jean
Targeting students of the Music Conservatory of Blagnac
In partnership with the Music and Dance Conservatory of Blagnac and Odyssud

Create a dialog between music, dance, and video around three thematics : volume, texture and gesture. Search, therefore, the means to translate, transcript, reinterpret, complete or disturb an artistic language by another. That is the way we search together with students and teachers of Music and Dance Conservatory of Blagnac since fall 2016.
This residency, cadenced by workshops with the students of the Conservatory, will lead to the creation of a show, which will be performed in June 2019 in Odyssud in the frame of the end of the year show of Music and Dance Conservatory of Blagnac


Music and environment, soundscape and acoustic ecology

A project lead by the sound artists Jacky Mérit and Emmanuelle Tornero
Targeting four class of middle school from La Garenne de Gramat (46)
In partnership with the Adda of the Lot

During these workshops, the pupils will question tools and concepts of the « Field recording ». A discipline at the crossroad of anthropology and music, revealing plenty of ways to point the landscape with a microphone, creating a lot of different sound materials.
These workshops will rely on the sound discovery of the regional nature reserve of the marsh Bonnefont (Mayrinhac-Lentour), using a comparative approach, both scientific and sensitive, with a naturalist working at the marsh Bonnefont and the sound artists Jacky Mérit and Emmanuelle Tornero.