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Creation residencies

Since 1995, éole has been articulating its activities around the development and implementation of cultural projects, in the field of contemporary music and interdisciplinary projects.

Supporting contemporary musical and transdisciplinary writing.

Studio éole welcomes every year an average of 20 composers and musicians developing their work in the field of contemporary writing. We aim to encourage the development of singular artistic forms as an emancipation from cultural homogenisation

To support this dynamic, we propose to put our skills and equipment at the disposal of regional, national and international artistic structures.

• Duration : min. 3 days - max 2 weeks
• Artistic team : up to 10 people.
• Financial support : depending on the project.
• Material available : multichannel editing and sound mixing control room and/or an interdisciplinary work stage
Fiche technique
• Technical support : specific configuration of the spaces according to the projects; implementation of a sound system that can also integrate video and lights..
• If necessary, computer music programming support may be offered.

We invite you to send an artistic dossier including your biography, extracts of your work, a note of intent for your residency project and the period envisaged.
Applications are to be sent by mail to Matthieu Guillin.