La Ralentie at Festival Les Jardins Musicaux on 28th of August at 7pm, at La Grange aux Concerts in Cernier

Show for soprano, percussionist and audiovisual layer by Pierre Jodlowski

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Monographic Concert of Pierre Jodlowski by ensemble MusikFabrik on 14th of July at 7 pm, Bogen Hall in Cologne

Works for ensemble and electronics

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Release of CD White Zero Corporation under the label éole Records

Duet for bass, electronics, percussion formed by Pierre Jodlowski and Alexandre Babel

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Mad Max

for one percussionist-performer and audiovisual layer by Pierre Jodlowski

percussion : Philippe Spiesser

In the frame of Festival ArteScienza

Friday 5th of July | Vascello Theatre | Roma | Italy



for solo marimba by Bertrand Dubedout

marimba : Jean Geoffroy

In the frame of Rencontres du Broc

Sunday 30th of June | Le Broc | France


Public examination of students in composition of Toulouse Conservatory

Works by Sacha Bouget, Benjamin Farago, Audrey Houdart, Yilmaz Ozan Can, Stéphan Bonneel, Anne Castex, Anthony Lezian, Romain Serre, Célia Cano, Louis Darmaillacq and Guillaume Mahenc.

9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Tuesday 18th of June | Espace Varèse | CRR | Toulouse

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