Limbus – Musica - Strasbourg

Sunday 24 Septembre
7pm – Musica - Strasbourg
Pierre Jodlowski / Henri Michaux / HYPER DUO

Creation for 2 performers, lights, video, electronics



« Two works by Henri Michaux, L’infini Turbulent and Connaissance par les gouffres, are at the origin of this project.

Michaux’s experiments with psychotropic substances raise profound questions about our perception of reality and our ability to be satisfied with it. When Michaux slips into hallucinated worlds, he gives us a sum of alternatives from his experiments that cannot leave us indifferent. For if we are supposedly free in our civilisation, supposedly free to perceive the world, is it not the opposite that is happening?

All housed at the same address in an ultra-digitized life, driven by social networks, we are gradually replacing the experience of reality with a constant profusion of images. In reality, the system in which we live imposes more and more restrictions, monitors, analyses and processes our every move. In this joyful and generalised consumption of our own images, what is left of the real? The hallucination, as Michaux delivers it to us, seems in the end to be much more stimulating than this state of dependence imposed on us by the networks. » Pierre Jodlowski

Executive production: compagnie éOle
Coproduction: HYPER DUO, Le Singe, Les Jardins Musicaux
Concept, composition and video: Pierre Jodlowski
Keyboard & performance :Gilles Grimaître
Batterie & performance : Julien Mégroz
Technical production: Matthieu Guillin
Supported by: DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie, Conseil Général de la Haute-Garonne, Ville de Toulouse, CNM, SACEM, Pro Helvetia, Swisslos - Culture Canton de Berne, Ville de Bienne