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Matthieu Guillin & Núria Andorrà

June 16th 2022
7:00 pm - Ring - Toulouse
Double Concert : Matthieu Guillin pour le projet Micro-shocks & Núria Andorrà pour le projet Senyals.

This piece is inspired by Brian Massumi's theories and I thought it would be interesting to freely interpret his concept of micro-shock. Our daily life, populated by micro-perceptions and interruptions, as dazzling as they are subtle, is also inhabited by small moments of daydreaming. Those that are necessary for assimilation, fantasies, reorientations, hope, projections... The poetic and musical inspirations will take root in these suspended temporalities for their faint nature and their slightly psychedelic sweetness. The construction of the forms tries to translate the unfolding of a dream, of a mysterious logic of associations of ideas. A few flashes of daydreaming will be visible on a screen, in small touches, in counterpoint to a certain musical line. These filmed moments come from an experience. For two months, I had a hidden camera in my buttonhole with the intention of capturing the little daydreams of the people around me. The aim here is to translate these feelings of disorientation and reorientation into music in an age where we have forgotten the importance and beauty of finding our way.

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Supported by Eurorégion Pyrénées Méditerranée, PICE and Institut Ramon Lull.