22 February to 26 March 2022
Odyssud - Blagnac Jodlowski / Bonazzi

Dynamic sound corridor

New version : N'oublie pas ce que tu vœux
Seeing and moving, hearing and feeling wishes... these little pieces of dreams take shape for a unique experience orchestrated by three local artistic companies. At the initiative of the Cie / CRÉATURE - Lou BROQUIN, N'oublie pas ce que tu vœux imagines and reinvents tomorrow with the public. In an aesthetic that bears witness to encounters with the inhabitants thanks to Cie / CRÉATURE - Lou BROQUIN and the Cisart collective, discover Passage, a sensitive installation created by Pierre Jodlowski and Marin Bonazzi. Walk through the 10 meters of this dynamic tunnel and feel, live, these wishes through the sound and light modulations caused by your own movements. Like a reflection of your interpretations, the corridor will reveal snippets of an acoustic and visual reality. From the wish to the sensitive, colour, form, space, sound and emotion meet here and vibrate in a poetic and sensory experience.

Design: Pierre Jodlowski
Original sound creation: Marin Bonazzi, Pierre Jodlowski
Based on a proposal by Lou Broquin, Cie Créature - Collectif Cisart as part of the "N'oublie pas ce que tu vœux" project
Commissioned by Odyssud - Ville de Blagnac