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Les Beaux Orages

Initiation to vocal improvisation through soundpainting

Led by visual artist Claire Sauvaget and musical contributor Eva Cloteau

This course offers students the opportunity to explore a musical practice: sound painting, allowing them to compose music in real time through vocal and/or instrumental improvisation techniques, inspired by Pierre Jodlowski's work Les Beaux Orages.
This album emanates a relaxing sound exploration, handling with accuracy tempo, tone variations, measure and intensity, which inspired the intervening artists to propose to the very young to take hold of it.

Supported by Ville de Toulouse and Ville de Blagnac.

Calendar :
- 2020 : École Ferdinand Lessep in Toulouse-France - Ecole Weidknnett in Blagnac-France
- 2019 : Écoles Fourtanier et Cuvier in Toulouse-France
- 2018 : École Sylvain Dauriac in Toulouse-France