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covid 19 crisis

Since the beginning of the shutdown, the entire administrative, technical and artistic team of the studio éole has maintained its activities in teleworking.
During this particular period, we put a lot of energy into allowing the postponement of most of the cancelled shows and staying the course of our projects. Aware of the current stakes for the cultural community, we wanted to take an active part in the exchanges that animate the profession. We wish to thank in particular the PROFEDIM team for its valiant work in supporting and defending professionals in the sector.

We have also undertaken a major update of this website, which now gives you a complete overview of our activities.

Several axes of development are taking shape in a positive way for the future :

- the launch of a new festival in the spring in partnership with regional structures.

- the development of support for artists in residence: we are determined to strengthen our policy of artist residencies by proposing co-productions and setting up concert cycles to promote these works. We are working in particular with the Théâtre du Vent des Signes and the Théâtre du Ring in order to bring more visibility to these projects. We also pay particular attention to the artists of the department in order to ensure that they are locally rooted.

- the project to develop new dynamics on the territory of the city of Blagnac where we are established with in particular with the Conservatory of Music and Dance and the MJC des Arts de Blagnac.

- the launch of a new project specific to the Haute-Garonne department. Entitled "Les Veillées Sonnantes" (Sound Vigils), this project consists of the development of a unique and ecological sound system (solar energy). It is based on in situ artist residencies (rural areas, villages) which integrate the heritage of the department into their creative process. After a series of residencies in contact with the inhabitants, a restitution of the project is carried out within the framework of vigils which allow to share in a deep and participative way the work of creation with the populations.

The sanitary recommendations do not yet allow us to resume our activity of reception in residence with serenity. We are aware of the prejudice suffered by the programmed artists and we hope that the Ministry will give clear directives to the recording studios in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, this period of uncertainty does not prevent us from dreaming loudly!
We hope to cross your path again very soon.