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A multi-genre chamber work for one female singer, one actor (male), five musicians and audiovisual apparatus

The chamber work Alan T. is based on the life of the mathematician Alan Turing. His was a paradoxical life, in which critical trajectories both scientific and social were to collide, to violent effect. Turing was an unsung hero of the Second World War: father of artificial intelligence, a mathematical genius and yet ultimately a casualty of the puritanical England of his time, as a result of his self-confessed homosexuality. Alan Turing ended his life marginalized and excluded from society, a recluse living in a one-bedroom apartment where he died at the age of 42 in circumstances yet to be fully explained.

World premiere
18 September 2021 at Warsaw Autumn Festival - Poland

Tour dates
17 October 2021 at Donaueschingen Musiktage - Germany
21 October 2021 at Music Center De Bijloke in Ghent - Belgium
22 June 2022 at Cité de la Musique de Paris - France

Conception, composition, staging : Pierre Jodlowski
Scenography : Claire Saint Blancat - Libretto : Frank Witzel - Dramaturge : Martina Stütz
Soprano : Joanna Freszel
Actor : Thomas Hauser
Musicians : Ensemble Nadar
Computer music designer Ircam : Thomas Goepfer

Delegate producer : Compagnie éOle – création musicale et interdisciplinaire
Co-commissioned by : Compagnie éOle, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Philharmonie de Paris
Coproduction : IRCAM - Centre Pompidou, SWR Classic - Donaueschingen Musiktag, Warsaw Autumn – International Festival of Contemporary Music
Organised in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Supported by : Fonds franco-germano-suisse pour la musique contemporaine / Impuls neue Musik and Bureau Export Computer part of the work produced in Ircam -Centre Pompidou's studios

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