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La Copule - Nîmes France

La Copule, the duo formed by Mathieu Guillin and Loïc Varanguien de Villepin, creates electroacoustic compositions in which the voice and its ersatz are combined. Borborygmes, gurgling, squeaks. They put their relationship into sounds, thus elaborating a dialogue that remains permanently at the edge of language. On the stage, a synthesizer, a sampler, a drum, various sound objects (a fork, a doll's arm, a radiator, a deer call, a can of Pepsi, a harmonica without slats, airplane parts), a microphone, a voice. This intimate cooperation gives substance to the glossolalies of an imaginary folklore and leads us into a non-formalist and playful sound universe.

A coproduction : Cie des Limbes, Théâtre le vent des signes
Supported by : studio éole