Monographic Concert of Pierre Jodlowski by ensemble MusikFabrik on 14th of July at 7 pm, Bogen Hall in Cologne

Let's dive into composer Pierre Jodlowski's work with a two sets monographic concert with german ensemble MusikFabrik.

Video, electronics, lights... Pierre Jodlowski's music is both visual and audible. The program follows a dramaturgic logic with seven pieces composed between 2002 an 2018 : soloists are places into a ritual space where questions of our time emerge : the blurred line between reality and virtuality (Outer Space, Is it This ?), timelapse and psychological pressures derived from this phenomenon (Hyperspeed Disconnected Motions, Mecano 1), creation of new rituals to face the disenchantment of the world. As a counterpoint, three virtuoso pieces for soloists create dreamlike mental spaces (Série Noire, Lesson of Anatomy, Criogenesis) : it's up to each of us to create their own stories.

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