Squash at McGill University of Montreal on 30th of May

Composed for percussionist Jean Geoffroy, this piece is setting up a musician playing squash racket equipped with sensors. The datas collected thanks to the sensors are communicated to a patch which triggers musical sequences broadcasted on 5.1 sound device placed all around the audience. On the level of sound, everything is so realistic that the ball is the only missing thing, and the musician has to give the impression to the audience that he is really engaged in a squash game (every impact of the racket are precisely written on the score).
In addition to the impacts of the ball on the walls, the audience can hear ghostlike chords, texts, the game of squash itself.
The process of composition of this piece mainly lies on a reflexion about the way we perceive space. Without any ball, how can we create the sensation of its trajectories to the audience, and give to the musician the sensation of the energetic return of the ball ?
The 2019 version of this piece has been finalized in studio éole with the collaboration of Marin Bonazzi for the computer programming and the technological development.

Squash racket : Martin Daigle