World Premiere of San Clemente at LUX, National Scene of Valence on the 14th of May at 8 pm

An island in the bay of Venice, inaccessible : San Clemente. Psychiatric hospital exclusively dedicated to women before transforming into a luxury hotel, the building which occupies the major part of the island, is the main inspiration of Pierre Jodlowski’s last multimedia show.
Written for a singer-actress, accordion, piano/keyboard and clarinet, this project reveals an ambiguous place, a palimpsest enclosing a century of isolation and madness. The same madness is sublimated by the libretto, based on Alda Merini’s third poetry collection La Terra Santa, where the nightmare of the Asylum (Merini spent many long years in the hospitals) coexists alongside a fierce outburst of life and love addressed to the «other».
From spoken to sung lyrics, including intermediate states, the voice becomes a privileged sound material triggering introspection. Divided in two spaces by a screen, the stage transform into a projection space : on one side, the silhouette of the musicians, on the other, videos of the dancer, staged in Venice, and then in the corridors and chambers of the hotel of San Clemente.

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