HEARt exhibited at Faïencerie-Théâtre de Creil until the 9th of March

hEARt is a sound installation by composer Christophe Ruetsch, elaborated in close collaboration with artists and scientists. This work, based on several recordings of heart beats, explores the paradox of this organ often compared to a pump, essential mechanism made of soupapes and valves, but also perceived as one of the nerve centre of emotions in occidental culture. Thanks to the diversity of listening devices both individuals and collectives, hEARt offers a musical journey in which each heart beat - with its specific timbre, its sound, its irregularity or peculiarity - sounds like a piece of poetry.

4 of the recordings of heartbeats and testimonies were collected from the inhabitants of Creil and were created within the Theatre in January 2019 with the collaboration of Cathy Blisson, playwright and editor. All of them were added to the installation exhibited in the hall of Faïencerie from 1st to 9th of March.

Listen to some of the hearts sound portraits here

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