Passage at FADJR International Theater Festival of Tehran from 11th to 23rd of February

After a european tour (Germany, Poland, Netherlands), the installation Passage will be exhibited from the 11th to the 23rd of February in Iran in the frame of the FADJR International Theater Festival of Tehran, in a version dedicated to Refugees' Memories, originally commissioned by Lux - Scène Nationale de Valence.

For this version, Pierre Jodlowski and his team had the chance of meeting about thirty refugees, who told them one or several sound memories related to their exile : sounds the left behind them - traditional music of their countries, family environment - sounds linked with their departure - hasty departure, noises of the conflict - sounds of a long journey, by foot, by train, by bus, by plane - border crossing, waiting hall - sounds linked with their arrival in France - discovery of a new language and culture, moving from a reception centre to an other...

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